Original Abstract and Contemporary Art



Hand sculpted from scratch from an original design of mine.

My Clay Sculptures are molded then cast with the materials available; especailly for strength and endurance.

Made to order.

For prices please ask through the contact page. Please leave any questions you may have and I will be very happy to answer them.

Prices are negociable.

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I use the Purest Aluminium powder which I bind with Epoxy liquid. Very tough.

The Dragon is Artworked with a 'Camouflage Effect'.

Artwork is always finished by hand.

Materials used are Acrylic artists paints, Genuine gold leaf(green gold, red gold and Platinum)

My Dragon is a Limited Edition of ten pieces.

Price on request

Castle Model

The Castle was designed by myself and completely created from scratch till end product. The mountain sides are hand sculpted with fabricated castle walls and inner walk levels. The material is foam coated with epoxy resin for toughness and lightness.

The sculpt and fabrication is meant as a sketch model to show sense of atmosphere and character of the castle. It is loosely sculpted and not meant as a fine sculpt or architectual piece; mearely as conceptual model however having its own attractions.

The effect was to create a castle carved into the very mountain rock to push forward the sense of utter permenance. The castle has been overun to contradict this permenance. The door pulled away (Door is loose).

This castle model design is a one off and will never be repeated to retain its uniquiness.

Model Height: Approx 60 inches 

Model Width: Approx 48 inches

Price on request.

Greenery only shown for demonstration

Greenery shown only for demonstration

Greenery shown only for demonstration

Cave Troll(Lord of the Rings Inspired)

This artwork was created from scratch.

The Troll is not meant to be an exact replica merely a representation of an iconic character from the Lord of the Rings rendering of J.R.Tolkiens masterly vision.

This piece is an artist inspired work in physical to capture the essence of the Trolls character. 

The work you see depicted in the below photos is of a slain cave troll, whose face has been removed as a trophy and mounted on the shield used in battle with the Troll. 

The Cave Troll is approximately a 1:2 scale piece, with the Troll face dimensions an imposing 52 cm hight and 50cm width. The dimensions of bronze shield measure 78cm in height and 67cm in width.

The overall look and feel of this piece when displayed upon a wall has quite an impact upon the viewer. 

How the Troll was created

The  work began with a sculpt in clay and then was molded in highest quality silicone. A cast was produced from the silicone mold in highest quality epoxy resin. The epoxy shell was reinforced with foam to hold rigid ther shape/structure.

The cast was then hand finished with artists acylicsm with attention to fine detailing.

Epoxy resin was applied to seal and bring to life the hand painted eyes.

The drooling mouth has been acheived by use of epoxy resin; also to further re-enforce the overall structure and accentuate the overall asthetic apeal.

The display shield upon which the troll face has been mounted securely;  re-enforced by epoxy resin and backed by foam impregnated with epoxy resin.

The shield has a weathered bronze finish, all in layers creating depth and substance/texture suggesting the slow weathering of bronze by the elements. This was acheived by largely the hand painted method backed up by fine airbrush work.

There are mounting holes on back of shield to mount upon two wall screws. 

The Cave Troll will be cast and hand painted so each piece will be totally unique. For exclusivity I will not be creating many of these pieces.

Each piece will come with a plaque upon the botom of the shield, which will hold the Title, 'Cave Troll'. The letters will be leafed in real gold.

Each piece will be numbered, dated and signed by myself. 

Price upon request.


Placing an order

Upon contacting me by the contact page of my site, the buyer will commision me upon a written agreement(i shall send you by email) signed by bother parties; detailing the stages of work.

A primary deposit will be placed by the buyer in order for me to commence the work. If the buyer pulls out of the agreement the deposit is non-refundable as materials for this piece are not cheap.

The buyer will pay in installments during the stages of creation, reflecting the stages of completion.

During the works, I can periodically send you photos of the works progression, howver I will not customise paint detailing that differs or changes the design in any way from the depicted Troll pictures below. There will however be slight changes in paint detail as every piece made is totally unique.

Any questions i will be happy to answer in an email via this sites contact page. through email.

Thank you for visiting!

Robert Stannage

(Site Artist)










'Cave Troll' trophy face mounted on faux effect 'Bronze shield'