Original Abstract and Contemporary Art

DIORAMAS (Sci-Fi inspired)

I create dioramas to be displayed or played within the scale of many popular figures and vehicles from Sci-Fi to World Genres....

I produce model dioramas which will provoke a nostalgic feel, especially to classic sci-fi films. These models are inspired and are interpreted in artistic effect but not losing any of its dramatic look and feel.

Perfect for scaling for display with 1:18 or 6" figures....

All dioramas are for sale on site. Please leave any message regarding product details. 

Thanks for looking

Rob D'Ath

(AKA Rob Stannage)

Sand Planet Dioramas - Town house Price: 200 Euros

Each house is hand crafted/sculpted out of sculpting polystyrene. Then sand and a special glue are added, depending on whether a cracked or smooth render look is needed. After the form is coated with epoxy resin for good strength. Lastly the form is painted by hand then 'weathered' to show aged; sun and sand beaten materials.

I do include removable items on the diarama, such as chimneys or energy towers.


Sand Planet Town house

With Detachable energy tower and chimney.

Figure shown is for scale purposes(1:18)

(figure shown is not for sale)

Sand Planet Town House(Domed)

With detachable chimney, roof-top cooler, door shade and energy tower.

There is a fixed ladder for climing to its rooftop for observation.

Figure(1:18 is shown for scaling purposes)

(figure shown is not for sale)

Sand Planet House

Dome building. Cut away roof with interior elements. Many of the interior elements are removable.

The materials used are sculpting polystyrene coated with epoxy resin. With working light. 

Scale can be ideal for use of 1:18 figures, or even six inch.

Snow Planet Lazer Tower. Price: 200 Euros

Epoxy resin cast model miniature of the rebel lazer towers from the snow planet.

Ideal diarama model for 1:18 scale scenes and figures.

This is a limited run. This has been modelled to film pictorial reference.


(figure not included)

'Forest Moon' diorama Price: 200 Euros

This is the 'Forest Moon' diorama set. You get a massive girthed tree, just like in the film which i carefully scaled it to.

The tree sits perfectly onto a bare patch on the forest floor. One the tree is placed upon the bare patch shape, it perfectly ,mingles into the forest ground.

The diorama is ideal for 1:18 or 6 inch figure scales.

The diorama is all hand crafted. The forest floor has a sculpting poly base sealed and strengthened with a clear plastic layer and painted with an acrylic earth brown.

The floor has been sealed after brown base paint with high strength plastic glue. Natural greenery has been mixed up and glued onto the brown base.

The top of the tree trunk has been covered with foam core; carefully and solidly glued to the plastic trunk shell.



Tree trunk height:   38cm

Tree trunk width:    18cm

Forest floor length:  48cm

Forest floor width:   38cm

Forest floor depth:   3cm

There maybe a little shedding of greenery but most is nicely stuck down, just the case with many greenery in dioramas.

The tree has a shell of thick plastic with a brown base. Greenery and vines have been carefully applied to the tree trunk.

The trunk bark detail and roots have been hand carved from resin plaster.

The base is wooden; very light, sealed and painted in acrylic black then varnished.


(figure not included)

(figure not included)