Original Abstract and Contemporary Art

Robot 'Droid' head and arm (Sculpture) Price: 650 Euros

This 'one off' piece was created out of 'recycled rubbish'. Bits were added together in an organic way; no prelimery design was made; purely growing to what it ended up being...a 'desert droid' in my view...something that would not feel amiss amoungst famous sci-fi films.

What you see is the head and neck piece. The two eyes light up. The batteries are accessable. 

The droid pieces are hand painted to evoke the graphics of a famous sci-fi film.

The other is an arm, torn off and abandoned like with the head, in the desert of another world...

I try to create a story through these works. 

(Electrics do not operate; this work is purely a static creation)

Materials: Aluminium, steel, plastics.

Abandoned desert droid parts

'Desert Droid'